About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

I've had a long and varied journey. From completing my studies and commercial Pilot training in Arizona, pursuing modelling in Mumbai, all the way to my life's calling "Streedhan

Even though, I began exploring philanthropy at an early age, with the opportunity to work in association with RISCAI for a Rural development project via Skill development. A project that earned me the honour of being awarded “High Achieving Woman” by the Maharashtra dept of vocational training in 2012. However, it was my creative pursuits that led me to finding my true path. 

After Writing & Directing various Ads & Short Films, launching a content development company Junip Entertainment Pvt Ltd. I realised, that my journey was taking me on a completely different path.  Even-though my entertainment projects usually incorporated, not too subtle, references to philosophies of women empowerment, it wasn't enough for me. I felt the need to do more in-order to truly make a difference. Hence I began blogging and freelance writing with platforms like Feminism India, Youth Ki Awaaz, The Quint blog, India Today etc. 

Every time I would write, my words put my path into perspective. I realised, what I truly needed to do. It was to reach out to my sisters. Those, who didn't have the privilege to access information or education, that has been freely and easily available to me. This realisation led to the creation of 'Streedhan Association for Women's Development'.  

By developing this ecosystem to educate and empower women in India, we are striving for a much needed cultural reform.