Being Woman

 The Freedom to Choose.

Access to knowledge is the first step towards social and cultural reform. 

Only when a woman is made aware of her rights, can she have the choice to execute it. 

It is safe to say that knowledge gives a woman the ability to choose, and “to choose” gives her the ability to claim her autonomy. 


  • A workshop designed for corporate women. 
  • Duration: 3 hours 

A. Detailed Breakdown: 

  • Gender, what is all the fuss about?
  • Female vs Woman. 
  • “Woman” a social construct. 
  • Can we build a ‘Genderless’ society? 
  • Autonomy is Humanity!

B. Rape Culture: 

  • What it is?
  • What are the two perspectives of rape, and why they matter? 
  • What can I do to change the situation?
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment.
  • My Right to Say NO & My Right to Say YES! 

C. Woman's Rights are Human Rights!

  • What constitutes Sexual Abuse.  
  • What Constitutes Domestic Violence. 
  • What is Streedhan? 
  • How can I execute my rights?

D. Financial Independence vs Financial Freedom.

  • Why an Independent source of Income is not enough. 
  • Independent savings.
  • Confidence to face financial crisis.
  • Building my Assets.
  • My involvement in decision making related to household expenses;
  • My involvement in decision making related to large purchases;
  • My ability to buy clothes or other essentials for me without permission of husband/father.
  • My involvement in the decision regarding children’ education/marriage/career;
  • My ability to discuss and choose birth control methods.

E. Sexual Health: 

  • Importance of Female Sexual Health. 
  • Taking Control..
  • Regular Check-Ups for Females, What they are, and how to read results yourself?. 
  • When to see a doctor. 

F. MHM: 

  • What is my period telling me?: 
  • Basic Hygiene & Practices.
  • Menstruation protection & the Environment. 
  • Monthly Cycle and Fertility (Hormonal Phases).
  • Nutrition & Exercise (Hormonal Phase wise) 

G. Map through the Streedhan Resource Centre:

  • How to access information on Female Health. 
  • How to access information on Women’s Legal Rights. 
  • How to access information on Independent Financial Management.  

About the Streedhan Resource Centre: 

Our objective is to empower women with free access to relevant knowledge

That is why, our team has created an easy to access resource center pertaining to Health, Financial Management and Legal Rights for women. This resource center is freely available for women, to access at any time. 

Further, they can reach out to us for more information, guidance and support in any of the three areas. Our passionate team will be more than happy to help our sisters with the required information and guidance. Our team would also be happy to connect our sisters with trusted Health Care practitioners, Financial Advisors and/or legal advisors if required.  

Our aim is to create a holistic ecosystem of knowledge and support, where women empower women!! 

Because we believe #TogetherStronger! 

Streedhan means a Woman's Wealth, 


as Buddha said, 

"There is no wealth like Knowledge and no poverty like Ignorance”